Edge Impulse API

The Edge Impulse API exposes programmatic access to most functionality in the studio. You can use the API to edit the labels of many samples at once, train models, or create new impulses. In addition you can subscribe to events, such as when a new file was processed by the ingestion service. You authenticate with the API using an API Key or with a username / password, see API Authentication Types.

The API is available at:


The API is described in OpenAPI format, which can be used to generate clients in many languages. The OpenAPI definition file is located here.


Jobs started through the API are subject to the same usage limits (such as compute time used) as through the studio UI.

API authentication types

Security SchemeTypeInputName

API key

An Edge Impulse API key can be obtained through your Edge Impulse Studio project's dashboard. At the top of the page, click on the Keys button to see your project's available API keys, and to generate new keys.

Edge Impulse project API keys

Edge Impulse project API keys

JWT token

A JWT token can be acquired via the Edge Impulse API "Get JWT Token" with your Edge Impulse username and password.

cURL example

curl --request POST \
--url https://studio.edgeimpulse.com/v1/api-login \
--header 'content-type: application/json' \
--header 'x-api-key: ei_...' \
--data-raw '{"username": "edge-user-01", "password": "reprehenderit ea"}'